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Birth date: 29 July 1969
Nationality: Brazilian and Swiss
Civil statute: married, 3 kids
Mother tongue: Portuguese
Others: French, Spanish
Learning: English
Professional diploma
Soccer trainer: A – UEFA
Career as professional soccer player
1986 – 1992: BRESIL: América FC – MG
1993: BRESIL: Fluminense – RJ
1994: BRESIL: Ituano – SP
1995 – 1997: JAPON: Bellmare Hiratsuka – Tokyo Gas
1998: PORTUGAL: Beira Mar
1999: BRESIL: Nautico
2000 – 2001 : BRESIL: América FC – MG
Principal titles
1989: Vice champion of brasil
1991: Vice champion Mineiro
1995: Champion of the Asia CUP (playing with Bellmare Hiratsuka)
1996: Convocation with selection of strangers 
« All Star », Asie
2000: Champion of « Copa Sul Minas »
Career as assistant of Head Coach and Head Coach
2002-2003: Head coach U16, Yverdon Sport - Switzerland
2003-2004: Assistant of Head coach 1st team, 2nd division Yverdon Sport - ascension in 1st division
2004-2005: Assistant of Head coach of 1st division Yverdon Sport
2005-2007: Head coach of U21, Yverdon Sport
2007-2008: Head coach U14 Elite team of "Team Vaud foot elite" and pre-selection of M13 - Switzerland
2008-2009: Head coach U15 Elite team of "Team Vaud foot elite" and pre-selection of M13
2010-2011: Head coach of Dubai CSC, UAE – Team stays in 1st division
2011-2012: Head coach 3nd division Yverdon Sport – Team is now in 2nd division
2012-2013: Head coach 2nd division Emirates Football Club – Team is now in 1st division

various training courses in Brasil, Ukraine, Portugal, Italy.